Posted on December 06, 2012 by Field & Field

If you're anything like us, you have a go-to list of fashion and lifestyle resources. We've got one more for you! Get to know: Style Spies.

They are the real deal, covering all of your fashion-related needs from styling, closet consultations and personal shopping to special events presentations (and more!). We had the pleasure of working with Style Spies Co-founder, Erin Lopez, early on in our fashion careers. So trust us, if Erin's in charge, the Style Spies are on point. They've assembled a well-dressed, well-heeled team of fashion's finest. And, they're spread out across the country so you've likely got a spy in your midst. Lucky you.

Added bonus: They're blogging about field & field today

Please check out Style Spies. Your wardrobe will send you a handwritten 'thank you!' note! 

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Posted on December 03, 2012 by Field & Field

We're proud to announce four more additions to the field & field catalog: the Herbert (large & small) and the Staner (large and small). All of the new bags are lined and have removable wrist straps. The Herbert is a ginger-colored, repurposed leather while the Staner is a textured, chocolate-colored repurposed leather. Welcome to the fold, Herbert & Staner.   


Posted on November 27, 2012 by Field & Field

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Small Sadler. This little guy is lined and has a removable wrist strap. You read that right: REMOVABLE WRIST STRAP. Same great Sadler leather, just a smaller scale.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop the field & field product line. Our production hinges on the availability of usable leather rather than the purchase of new hides. We're pretty picky. After we've found the right stuff we then repurpose the leather and turn it into field & field pouches. 

We fully expect to have more product announcements this holiday season so please stay tuned. And don't forget, FREE SHIPPING all week. Use code: WEEKLONG at checkout. 


Posted on November 26, 2012 by Field & Field

Just doesn't seem fair to limit Cyber Monday to one day. Let's celebrate all week long. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all field & field orders this week. Happy holiday shopping (and shipping)!


Not so small to us

Posted on November 24, 2012 by Field & Field

Happy Small Business Saturday. While we wholeheartedly believe you should support local businesses today (and all days), we're in the mindset that no business is actually small. Especially when it comes to support.

We've got an amazing team of family and friends behind us. And let's be clear: our "small" team is stacked.

Our supporters include some badass local businesses. We're talking about you: The Dailey Method - Denver, Denver StretchMile High AnglerOnly Ch1ld, The Photogenic Lab, Saffron ParkSugar Design, and Vicente Consulting. And a special shout-out to you, River Ridge Stables

So do us a solid and support local businesses in your community. This day. All days. And thanks again for having our backs here at field & field.

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