Visit the TSG Equestrian - volume 1

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Lindsay Field

While we've closed our doors, we encourage you to visit our friends highlighted in The Scout Guide - Equestrian volume 1!

"The Scout Guide Equestrian was published in January 2016. A celebration of the artists, entrepreneurs, and enterprises that embody the beauty and spirit of the equestrian lifestyle, the guide features a curated collection of individuals and artisans whose work and wares are rooted in the equestrian tradition."

We were fortunate to have been included among these incredible brands and invite you to check them out.


Posted on March 26, 2017 by Lindsay Field

For many of you the show season is just kicking off. Whether or not you're in the ring, the competition is always watching ... and they like what the see. Support your fellow equestrians and musicians.

And by all means, have some fun with your off-duty attire.


Boots: Women's Dubarry Glanmire (Black/Brown)

Breeches: The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Mid-Rise (Smokin' Hot)

Tee: Imogene + Willie "Support Live Music"

Bag: field & field Staner Crossbody

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Mild Winter Warrior

Posted on January 06, 2016 by Lindsay Field

January temps are all over the map, which means not every winter outfit requires heavy snow boots, hats and mittens (unless of course they're Astis mittens, which are a winter wardrobe staple).

When your 2016 calendar calls for meet ups with friends and grocery store runs for more cleanse supplies (let us know how that goes ...), slip on something classic and comfortable.

Bonus: it certainly doesn't hurt to support talented artists like those over at Bucketfeet, with these adorable pineapple print slips-ons and Native Clutter with this gorgeous Monolith necklace. Throw one of our Strathmore crossbody bags over your shoulder and you're good to go.

Happy 2016 and thanks for your continued support of field & field!


Autumn done airy

Posted on November 07, 2015 by Field & Field

When the clocks change and we have less daylight to work with we find ourselves drawn to darker tones to match the sky. Each fall we need to remind ourselves to lighten up! (in more ways than one). 

Featuring our Staner and this gorgeous ring by local Denver designer, Bloom Jewelry!


Sadler Travels and Some Sentiment

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Field & Field

field & field has given us many gifts. By far the greatest of those gifts is the amazing people we've met along our three + year journey. We couldn't anticipate adoring our customers as much as we do. 

Take Jenny and Jessica. Jenny had reached out to purchase one of our Sadler Crossbody bags -- in a hurry. You see, she was headed out of town that weekend and wanted to bring our bag along for the trip. 

We met the sisters and were smitten. Those girls lit up the place. (If you know them, you understand.) We chatted and laughed with the duo and listened with excitement (and a twinge of jealousy) about Jenny's list of upcoming travel destinations including: New York City, Brooklyn, Singapore and Maui. We were headed to the grocery store that night. So, similar ...

We asked Jenny (if it crossed her mind and she was sporting our bag) to send some pictures along the route. She did. Because she's sweet and generous. And we're grateful.

Not only did she think enough of field & field to make room for our Sadler in her suitcase, but she and her sister reminded us how lucky we are to do what we love.

Big, big thanks Jenny and Jessica!

SNL Taping in New York CityBrooklyn Bridge Beauties

Singapore - orchid gardens



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