Sadler Travels and Some Sentiment

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Field & Field

field & field has given us many gifts. By far the greatest of those gifts is the amazing people we've met along our three + year journey. We couldn't anticipate adoring our customers as much as we do. 

Take Jenny and Jessica. Jenny had reached out to purchase one of our Sadler Crossbody bags -- in a hurry. You see, she was headed out of town that weekend and wanted to bring our bag along for the trip. 

We met the sisters and were smitten. Those girls lit up the place. (If you know them, you understand.) We chatted and laughed with the duo and listened with excitement (and a twinge of jealousy) about Jenny's list of upcoming travel destinations including: New York City, Brooklyn, Singapore and Maui. We were headed to the grocery store that night. So, similar ...

We asked Jenny (if it crossed her mind and she was sporting our bag) to send some pictures along the route. She did. Because she's sweet and generous. And we're grateful.

Not only did she think enough of field & field to make room for our Sadler in her suitcase, but she and her sister reminded us how lucky we are to do what we love.

Big, big thanks Jenny and Jessica!

SNL Taping in New York CityBrooklyn Bridge Beauties

Singapore - orchid gardens



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Contest Time: The Young & Wild Wife

Posted on February 01, 2015 by Field & Field

We know there's a big game today. We also know you have spare time between painting your face, assembling game day grub and finding the perfect kickoff seat. Besides, what's better than a little fashion infusion on football's biggest day?

We'd like to introduce you to The Young & Wild Wife. The charming and stylish Kelsey found us on Instagram. We chatted and thought if your competitive spirit was already in high gear today that we'd add another contest to the mix.

Looking to get your hands on a field & field bag of your own? You'll have to head over to The Young & Wild Wife to learn all the contest details, but be sure to carve out some time in your day to spend on her blog and Instagram account. This east coaster is effortless in her styling. Her photos are relatable and fun. Blog bonus: when she finds a piece she loves, she styles it more than once (GASP!). (It's true, we wear what we own more than once over here, too.)

Here's a sneak peek from The Young & Wild Wife post. In love yet? It is February, after all. So please, visit the blog, check out the contest rules and enter to win your very own field & field.


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Tackle those to-dos

Posted on January 04, 2015 by Field & Field

2015. Clean slate. We're feeling inspired to cross items off our to-do lists and knock out errands. We choose to be comfortable (but not sweats-on-football-Sunday-slobkabob comfortable). It can't hurt to have a trusty new sidekick with you when you're navigating grocery store aisles and parking lots. Bring the new Herbert Crossbody or Herbert wristlet along for the ride.

Effortless Errands with Herbert

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Adios, Monday Blues

Posted on December 01, 2014 by Field & Field

We're getting in on this Cyber Monday thing and are offering our field & field faithfuls 15% OFF all orders with the code MONDAYBRIGHTS through 12/1/14. Thank you for visiting our cyber shop!

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Fine, Winter. Fine.

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Field & Field

You can be a real jerk, Winter. Thankfully we love to layer-up -- which makes you easier to handle. And by 'handle' we mean, throw on our new Wilson Crossbody bag, slip our fingers into our mittens, and stylishly brave whatever it is you're planning to hurl our way. We accept the challenge, and boy do we look good.

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