the egg wins the west

Posted on November 09, 2014 by Field & Field

We know what you've been missing: a stunning mountain-girl blogger, who's living the Jackson Hole lifestyle, tossing tomahawks and mastering the fine art of seasonal wardrobe transitions. Our lives (and our dream cabins in the woods) were empty pre-The Egg out West. No more. This girl makes us feel like we could belly up to the town watering hole and earn a half-smile from even the surliest local. And look good doing it. And make friends. And throw a tomahawk ...

She was kind enough to feature our Warren bag (pictured below) in her recent post, winter blues. The slide into winter can be a painful one, but she's pledged to infuse more color into her cold weather wardrobe. We could all use a kick of color when the days are long and gray. 

Spend a little time on The Egg out West (tomahawks people!) and enjoy the beautiful photos by Ashley Merritt Photography

The Egg out West with our Warren bag.Our Warren

Thanks, ladies!



Fine, Winter. Fine.

Rolex Ready

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