A Leather Hug for Your Laptop

Posted on February 07, 2014 by Field & Field

Let's be honest: we beat up on our laptops. It happens. They get lugged around from room to room, office to coffee shop, and everywhere in between. We're all guilty of throwing them in a bag, hoping a water bottle and wallet will provide enough cushion.

No more. Our laptops deserve better. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's show our laptops a little love (because you know your life would be empty without them).

Our new Warren Laptop Sleeve comes in two sizes, 13" and 15". The snug sleeves are constructed from new hide and are lined with a durable plaid fabric. We've added a couple inches to the length of the sleeve so you have something to grab when you're pulling it out of your bag. The added room also allows for some give when you need to carry cords or files in the sleeve as well.

The Warren Laptop Sleeve makes a great gift (hint: Valentine's Day is 2.14.14).

Warren leather laptop sleeve

Warren leather laptop sleeve



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